Radio Music Awards - 2003.

I’m pretty sure most of you have seen this picture of Michael on the left after being off the stage, This photo was used in many papers slandering Michael for his “surgery addiction” and “Whiting” his skin. While pictured right is Michael during his speech on the show night. But was also used in the media too but notice the difference?

Granted the picture on the left hasn’t been edited to hell, But there are big differences. Biggest is his skin colour, The papers made Michael seem freakishly white and all you have to do is watch the award show to see Michael for yourself and you’ll see he wasn’t that “Freakishly white”

Also lets throw in another behind the scenes photo of Michael before walking on stage, Notice how he looks fine? Not freakishly weird. Also noticed how his nose is not damaged on the sides or “Caved” in looking. Also notice how his wig is perfectly fine?

So some how according to the papers, Michael was fine on stage but off it he’s freakishly white and his nose caved in. Now i know i’m no rocket scientist but, I don’t think walking down a few steps and behind a curtain can turn you porcelain white and make your nose look like it’s caving in.

I’m just saying.


Rare footage of Michael during mating season.


Michael Jackson.

50 Years old and still got it.

446 plays

Michael Jackson - I Just Can’t Stop Loving You (This Is It Ending)

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That wasn't Michael in this is it. Imposter!


You can have as much surgery as you like to try and look like someone else and even if you COULD look EXACTLY like Michael. You CAN’T change or alter bone/muscle structure.


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You know he ruined his face with surgery right? Look at him at his death, he wasn't recognizable.

Yeah he had surgery he even admitted it himself. He was shy about it but so what? It was his face. But he certainly didn’t ruin his face nor did he have as many surgeries as the papers say.

Mix Between 1993 and 2009:


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Unfortunately it’s called aging. We all do it. Add in Michael’s strict eating and diet which caused him to lose a lot of weight as well gain it. Plus add in his Lupus and Vitiligo which damaged and scarred his skin and not to mention the fact the top of his scalp caught on fire back in the 80’s. You know.


Michael showing Usher who owns the crown.

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What's your favourite MJ move??

When he did all that popping and locking in slow motion and stuff! That freaked my shit as a child.


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Do you count yourself a member of the "MJFam" ???.



Yes/No. Most celebrities who’ve been asked about this fanbase have all said Michael Jackson fans will rip you apart if you diss him. This also includes their own fanbase. Countless times i’ve seen this fanbase turn its claws and dig them into each other over stupid STUPID things. 

Seriously, all you have to do is cough around the wrong person in this fanbase and BAM. Back when Michael was alive it was filled with…lets say…the “older” generation of MJFans and they seemed to fill the place with love and happiness, but don’t get me wrong. You’d see the odd fight here and there. 

After his death, it brought in a whole new era of fans and such. New fans thought they ran the place and the older generation couldn’t stand it. Even more so when new fans were making up false rumours and such. 

Now i’m not saying it’s the new fans fault.

It just feels like this fanbase is now…divided. You know?

It no longer feels like a family Michael wanted us to be, now it just feels like you sign up and then “Pick”. 

Do i count myself a MJFam? Of course i do. I’ve been a fan of Michael since 1996. That guy has inspired my life in ways i can’t describe. 

Do i count myself as a MJfam online?


No i don’t.

Quite frankly i’m ashamed of where this fanbase is heading. I’m sick of the fights. I’m sick of the people picking on each other. I’m sick of seeing MJfam’s start wars with other fanbases.

The day Michael died this fanbase just….died with him. It became something else, which is to be expected but, It’s never really recovered. 

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Michael Jackson only became relevant when he turned white. - MJ widgets