Michael Jackson - I Am A Loser (TheMJQuotes Restored #2) Snippets

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Michael Jackson - I Am A Loser (TheMJQuotes Semi-Acapella) Snippets

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Michael Jackson - You Rock My World Vinyl Instrumental HD

(I was asked to make a “Live Play” of a vinyl song however i don’t really have a good set up or camera for that. But i managed to get what i could. I doubt i will do another one of these kind of videos though.)

Gunna replace my Audio Technica AT95E with a Ortofon 2M Red, going to be rather excited to hear the differences in sound quality on the vinyl’s. However it’s been so long since i replaced any stylus on a turntable so this could end in tears. 

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My baby! (well…it’s freaking huge and heavy and made of steel..) But… My baby!

Still sealed 1992 "Someone Put Your Hand Out" 1992 Dangerous Tour souvenir cassette tape.

Set List:

01, Someone Put Your Hand Out

02, Dangerous Medley 

03, Black Or White

04, Can’t Let Her Get Away

05, Dangerous

06, Who Is It

07, Remember The Time

08, Give Into Me

09, Heal The World

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My Michael Jackson Ghosts - Deluxe Collector Box Set complete with Cannes festival program.

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"I love Michael, I’m his biggest fan. Shame he was a paedophile though."

Get out. Out of this fanbase. Go. You’re not welcome here.

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Anonymous asked:
Do you own Ghost's "Deluxe VHS" Set?

Yup i have the Deluxe Collector Editions Box set, It included the Ghosts premier booklet from the Cannes festival which was a nice touch as most don’t have that any more due to being lost or not included.

Michael Jackson - 2BAD Acapella (HD)

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